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Nuclear medicine, sentinel nodes…

9th January 2020, St Georges, University of London, Tooting, England. It’s just like 24 hours in A&E around round here… ​This place is incredible, I really enjoy walking around the hospital. I have had 6 different women touch my cock today, and I haven’t had to buy a single glass of prosecco. I should say […]

Hell on earth.

27th February, St Georges, University of London, Tooting, England. I’m definitely not 100% today ​Everything was going so well. Then, life comes at you fast.  In today’s episode of little Johnny’s cock cancer journey I start the week on Tuesday. It’s not a bank holiday, I’m just making the best of the conditions. But today, […]

Be still, my Tooting heart.

28th February 2020, St George’s, University of London, Tooting, England. That’s another thing ticked off the bucket list I woke up at 4:48 this morning…  and that time will always stay with me as something quite remarkable happened.  A seismic, even life changing event you might say. Stefan, my new geriatric neighbour arrived during the […]

Change of plan.

23rd March 2020, Prof Watkin gets on the phone. Bad news. Or maybe it isn’t “Hello Mr Little, unfortunately we’re going to have to cancel your op this Wednesday. Our robotic surgeon, and two of my senior team are sick.  All non emergency ops will be cancelled in a couple of weeks. We can’t offer […]

Coronacation is rubbish.

24th March 2020, Phonecall St George’s 2, attack of the cottage pie​ It turns out that yesterday’s call was a false alarm. It’s day two of Coronacation, and everything has changed in 24 hours!  Prof called me back, says he’s got the band back together and I’m going back to St George’s tomorrow. I’m sure […]

Meet the robot.

26th March 2020, St Georges, University of London, Tooting, England. Man vs machine After the drama of the last few days, it’s good to get started. They forgot my paper knickers today, so I got to wear a flimsy dress without any underwear.  It was quite liberating really. I can see what all the hurry […]

Robotic surgery.

Meet the robot The procedure is called a robotic pelvic lymph node dissection, and it’s really impressive. At St George’s, they have a DaVinci robot and it’s one of 70 in NHS hospitals across the UK. When pelvic node dissections for cancer surgery are done the old fashioned way, it’s very dramatic. The surgeon cuts […]

Sepsis. Oh wow.

A cautionary tale. You really don’t want sepsis, or septicaemia, or a septic episode. I don’t say this lightly, it’s absolutely horrendous. Cancer surgery often means big wounds. Wherever they might be, that also gives a lot of opportunities for infection.  At one point, I had two huge wounds in my groin which were not […]

7 minutes.

26th November 2020, St George’s Hospital, London, England. I’m a glutton for punishment. What a day today has been.  I checked out from The Lister at lunchtime with a month’s worth of drugs, and a clean bill of health. The ward sister worked some magic behind the scenes, and I didn’t get ripped off at […]


11th December 2020. Home, Hertfordshire. The prof confirmed the good news today, I’m still in remission. Following that scan at St George’s a couple of weeks ago, the experts* have given it the once over. There are no changes from the last scan, so no signs of new or recurring cancer. So Merry Christmas to […]