Author: JL

This is my story.

Cancer affects every aspect of your life. It hits your family and your friends. It disrupts your work life and all of your relationships. Even the most basic things like getting up, going to bed and just getting through the day change overnight. I know this is an unusual subject to talk openly about. Anything […]

Hi everyone, I’ve got cancer.

I needed an easy way to share what was happening to me. Somewhere I could reach my friends and family, without ever being obligated to reply. I didn’t have time to build a fancy cancer blog, so I decided to put everything about how I was feeling on Facebook. Clearly, my close family already knew […]

The big day.

27th November 2019. Spire St Anthony’s Hospital, Surrey, England. Wednesday night live ​I’ve checked in, my room is definitely better than a park inn and I’ve got my own whiteboard.  Apparently, I also have to shave my own groin. Getting my prostate milked “isn’t standard pre-op procedure”. I definitely should have gone for the platinum […]

Is this what they mean by post op?

1:35am, 28th November 2019, St Anthony’s Hospital, Surrey, England I’ve got a new cock! Oh, and I’m still alive. I spent three hours in theatre, all the nasty stuff is out and I’m on the road to recovery! I’m going to be sore in the morning, but right now I feel like a new man…  […]

Up and about

29th November 2019, St Anthony’s Hospital, Surrey, England Life experience.​ The last 24 hours has been a bit of a rollercoaster. When I woke up yesterday, I had 1.5 litres in my bladder. Apparently, that’s quite a lot of urine retention – so a nice nurse had to lube me up and put a catheter […]

Fuck, that hurt.

29th November 2019, St Anthony’s Hospital, Surrey, England Excruciating.​ I’m pretty helpless this week. Just to recap, I’ve had a radical surgery and some other bits cut out of my groin. Pablo has just been round to remove the main dressing for me, and he pain of removing it was similar to stubbing your big […]

Home time!

30th November 2019, St Anthony’s Hospital, Surrey, England ​It’s time to go home! At 40 I’m long past caring about how it looks, but I’m pretty proud of my weary old body this week. I’ve definitely taken a bit of a kicking. I have a couple of alterations, but above all, I live to fight […]

One week on…

7th December, Home. The story so far Let’s start with some good news.  Following my surgery, the wounds are healing beautifully, and importantly, my cock is magnificent. (I might be paraphrasing slightly). The prof is undoubtedly happy with my progress. He also spoke about parading me in front of his urology mates to show what […]

It’ll soon be christmas…

21st December 2019, Home. ​“I put almost ten inches inside you” “Ok prof, it’s bad enough as if is, I can really do without you showing off as well today.” On Wednesday, a month would have gone by since I had my first operation. Finally, this morning, I had my enormous drain removed. Apparently it […]

Nuclear medicine, sentinel nodes…

9th January 2020, St Georges, University of London, Tooting, England. It’s just like 24 hours in A&E around round here… ​This place is incredible, I really enjoy walking around the hospital. I have had 6 different women touch my cock today, and I haven’t had to buy a single glass of prosecco. I should say […]