Author: JL

None of this feels real.

23rd January, Home. Some days are tougher than others. ​I always feel like a bit of a fraud talking about cancer.  I think it’s called imposter syndrome. I’m happy, and healthy, and fit. From the outside, I’m the same as I’ve always been!  But all this cancer stuff is becoming a bit of a journey… […]

That’s the other side done then…

3rd February, St Anthony’s Hospital, Surrey, England It could always be worse.​ I’m still alive, so that’s a relief.  I’m getting quite good at all this major surgery stuff though! I had another three hours under the knife last night, and I feel pretty good considering. OK, I feel like I’ve gone out, mixed my […]

Another day, another scan.

17th February 2020, St Anthony’s Hospital, Surrey, England ​Another day, another hospital, another test… It was great to speak to the professor this morning, and he gave me the good news. The lymph nodes removed from my left groin a week ago were all negative! If any of the 11 nodes we removed showed signs […]

Hell on earth.

27th February, St Georges, University of London, Tooting, England. I’m definitely not 100% today ​Everything was going so well. Then, life comes at you fast.  In today’s episode of little Johnny’s cock cancer journey I start the week on Tuesday. It’s not a bank holiday, I’m just making the best of the conditions. But today, […]

Be still, my Tooting heart.

28th February 2020, St George’s, University of London, Tooting, England. That’s another thing ticked off the bucket list I woke up at 4:48 this morning…  and that time will always stay with me as something quite remarkable happened.  A seismic, even life changing event you might say. Stefan, my new geriatric neighbour arrived during the […]

Follow up.

7th March, St Anthony’s hospital, Surrey, England. Drains up It’s Saturday, and I’m in Surrey for another follow up. After nearly 5 weeks with a drain in the left side of my groin, it’s time to take it out. This one was seriously smelly, probably something to do with the sepsis! I’m so happy to […]

Investigative ultrasounds…

9th March, St Anthony’s Hospital, Surrey, England Check up.​ So I saw the big prof, and he felt my nooks and crannies again. After the crisis of last week, he agreed I was like a new man! Now the lump count is down to 3. One that you can see,  that’s probably fluid. Two remaining […]

Change of plan.

23rd March 2020, Prof Watkin gets on the phone. Bad news. Or maybe it isn’t “Hello Mr Little, unfortunately we’re going to have to cancel your op this Wednesday. Our robotic surgeon, and two of my senior team are sick.  All non emergency ops will be cancelled in a couple of weeks. We can’t offer […]

Coronacation is rubbish.

24th March 2020, Phonecall St George’s 2, attack of the cottage pie​ It turns out that yesterday’s call was a false alarm. It’s day two of Coronacation, and everything has changed in 24 hours!  Prof called me back, says he’s got the band back together and I’m going back to St George’s tomorrow. I’m sure […]

Meet the robot.

26th March 2020, St Georges, University of London, Tooting, England. Man vs machine After the drama of the last few days, it’s good to get started. They forgot my paper knickers today, so I got to wear a flimsy dress without any underwear.  It was quite liberating really. I can see what all the hurry […]