Another day, another scan.

17th February 2020, St Anthony’s Hospital, Surrey, England

​Another day, another hospital, another test…

It was great to speak to the professor this morning, and he gave me the good news. The lymph nodes removed from my left groin a week ago were all negative!

If any of the 11 nodes we removed showed signs of disease, my left side would need treatment too. Lymph nodes on both sides of my pelvis would need to come out, and possibly… worse.

Today, I’m here to have another scan, in preparation for my operation next Wednesday.

I’m hoping that operation is my last, and it will complete my staging. It will tell us if anything has changed since December, and if the cancer has spread further into my body.

Statistically, there’s an 18% chance of spread… but it’s just a death defying game of whack a mole really!

But, it’s a lorry?

I make my way through physiotherapy, and into a carpark where a huge Canon scanning trailer waits.

My veins aren’t playing today. The radiographer managed to burst three of my blood vessels getting a cannula into my arm, so that’s going to be covered in bruises later.

Inside a mobile Canon CT scanning lorry.  St Anthony's Hospital, Surrey, England.
Inside a mobile Canon CT scanning lorry. St Anthony’s Hospital, Surrey, England.