None of this feels real.

23rd January, Home.

Some days are tougher than others.

​I always feel like a bit of a fraud talking about cancer.  I think it’s called imposter syndrome. I’m happy, and healthy, and fit. From the outside, I’m the same as I’ve always been!  But all this cancer stuff is becoming a bit of a journey…

The tests came back on Monday bearing news that one of the lymph nodes they took out was positive.  Only a couple of cells, nothing really happening, but the seeds were there. Seeds ready to grow and split whenever they feel like it.

So on Monday, I’m going back to St Anthony’s in Surrey. I’m going to have the rest of the nodes in the left side of my groin taken out. 

I’m only spending one night in hospital, but I’ll have a big gash. I’ll probably another month with a drain bottle too.

Robots you say?

The week after that, I’m off to St George’s again. I will be meeting the robot surgeon that’s going to take out the nodes both sides of my pelvis and see what’s going on there.

Another night in hospital, and I’m expecting crazy scenes in South London. 

I’m reliably informed that the robot is so accurate, I’ll only need a couple of plasters over the cuts. The downside of all this, is that the robot probably won’t take any of my helpful suggestions onboard.

I’m expecting to start my radiotherapy at the beginning of March. I’m having it at the Royal Marsden in Chelsea now, and I’m notching up another professor!  Judging by his picture, he doesn’t look like the type who will approve of my jokes, so he’ll be getting extra.