Investigative ultrasounds…

9th March, St Anthony’s Hospital, Surrey, England

Check up.​

So I saw the big prof, and he felt my nooks and crannies again. After the crisis of last week, he agreed I was like a new man! Now the lump count is down to 3.

One that you can see,  that’s probably fluid. Two remaining lumps that you can’t.  They are confident that one is benign, the other needs a tissue sample.

Poking around

The new doctor can’t see me until half 7, so I pop to McDonald’s for something filthy. It’s always an experience to have a wander around the South London / Surrey borders.

The quarter pounder didn’t disappoint, neither did the two girls who had popped out for tea in their bath robes. The guy fingering his girlfriend in plain sight was an unexpected treat though. He seemed blissfully unaware that 100 of us were watching the reflection in the giant plate glass window. Or perhaps he was.

Everyone loves a happy meal after all, and it’s certainly the closest I’ve ever come to seeing the Hamburglar.

It absolutely lashed down on the way back, so I took cover in the Chinese takeaway. A beef curry and egg fried rice accidentally fell down my neck.

The new doctor is a specialist consultant in interventionist radiology from Cheshunt of all places. He’s really nice and puts me at ease right away. I think he could be the greatest thing ever to come out of Cheshunt. Yes, I know about Tesco.

He numbs me up, and sticks a couple of needles in. Takes some samples, and takes some pics. Hums and hars a bit, then takes four more core samples.

Terrific he says.  He’s pretty confident I don’t have any new disease.

What’s next?

No confirmation coming tonight, so we’ll get an official view from the prof tomorrow, then be back for results from the samples on Saturday or Monday.

Then, fingers crossed we should have one procedure left.  With the robot.  On Jo’s birthday.  I’ll try not to get another stage 2 sepsis and have that one postponed too. No promises though…