This is my story.

Cancer affects every aspect of your life. It hits your family and your friends. It disrupts your work life and all of your relationships. Even the most basic things like getting up, going to bed and just getting through the day change overnight.

I know this is an unusual subject to talk openly about. Anything going wrong with a penis is a catastrophic event. But I’ve done surprisingly well with mine, and already have two beautiful children, so I decided to start the conversation.

The mere suggestion of any kind of penile deficiency has been weaponised throughout history. From the playground to the presidency, it’s the timeless stick to beat us with. Men are just a bit sensitive about their dicks.

I didn’t have time to build a blog, but I still wanted to share my journey with all the people I knew and cared about. So when I was ready to talk, I used Facebook to let them all know how I was doing.

If I didn’t want to talk to anyone, I’d just point them towards the journals. “how are you doing??” “you mean you haven’t read Facebook?”

I also needed an outlet, somewhere I could write all of my thoughts down. Sometimes, I needed something that only talked back when I wanted it to. But I also had the feeling that other people might find my story useful.

There’s so many brilliant medical resources about cancer and how things might affect you. I wanted to tell people a story though, to take them along with me. After all, I knew it was going to be an epic journey, so why not bring some friends?

Knob. is an ongoing project, perhaps even a lifelong one to raise awareness!

But this is my story so far. I hope you enjoy it, it’s been a hell of a ride!