It’ll soon be christmas…

21st December 2019, Home.

​“I put almost ten inches inside you”

“Ok prof, it’s bad enough as if is, I can really do without you showing off as well today.”

On Wednesday, a month would have gone by since I had my first operation. Finally, this morning, I had my enormous drain removed. Apparently it was a pretty major operation, so I’m confident that I’ll be ok with childbirth if I ever decide to go for gender reassignment.

The big headline from the professor is: So far so good, as everything in the business district is pretty much healed now and working as normal. I should say, as normal it’s probably going to be, all things considered! My big gash is neat and tidy, and healing nicely, and I’m even walking without a limp.

I go into hospital again on the 7th and 8th of January my next operation, and then back again the following week to remove some more lymph nodes.  Once that’s done, all the staging work will be complete. We will finally have the first part out of the way! Then, I’ll know what the ultimate treatment plan is actually going to look like.

Aside from the big tumour they took out of my groin, the other three nodes were negative for cancer! This gives me reasons to be hopeful…  but I’m still a bit cautious.