One week on…

7th December, Home.

The story so far

Let’s start with some good news.  Following my surgery, the wounds are healing beautifully, and importantly, my cock is magnificent. (I might be paraphrasing slightly).

The prof is undoubtedly happy with my progress. He also spoke about parading me in front of his urology mates to show what a perfect job looks like.  I might let him. You know, if I can overcome the shyness.

I’m told it’s unlikely that any further work is required on little Johnny, but I’m obviously still nervous. All the cancerous, and pre cancerous cells were removed with a half millimetre margin of error. Clearly, that could have been a very different situation if I’d even had to wait another week.

The plan

The story for the lymph nodes is unchanged. I’m going to need some robotic surgery to have a few more nodes out and some other areas biopsied.  Nuclear medicine is pencilled in for January. That’s an operation under general anaesthetic to do some tests on the sentinel lymph nodes – then see what comes next, robotic surgery after that in January.

Radiotherapy is a certainty. Despite the success of the surgery, it’s unavoidable, because of the extracapsular spread of the cancer in my groin. I also have Chemotherapy to consider. The odds for that are only 1 in 5 at the moment, but it’s definitely at the back of my mind.

I expect to be doing my radiotherapy at Newmarket or Elstree, maybe Mount Vernon. I’ll worry about that in the new year, though.

I’m going to need to keep my drain in for at least a couple more weeks while things correct themselves. This is undoubtedly the most irritating thing about treatment so far! I should have a relatively normal couple of weeks over Christmas though.

I’m back next week for another follow up, and until then I’ll be slathering my magnificent new cock in Vaseline.  That’s a medical requirement, it’s not my thing.