Adult circumcision.

Cock like a porn star

I’m a good, clean(ish), anglo saxon boy from the English provinces. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and you just don’t get circumcised routinely on the NHS. So you don’t get circumcised.   (You don’t get your tonsils out either).

It’s not something I’d ever really thought about. I’m not sure I grew up with anyone that had been circumcised? Apart from those films I’d clearly never seen, I don’t think I’d ever seen a circumcised penis.  (plot twist, I discovered at age 40 that my father had been circumcised as a child)

It didn’t appear to do me any harm, I was quite happy being a cavalier rather than a roundhead. Nobody else seemed to mind either, but I have to say… It’s brilliant!

The operation

The professor had to remove my whole foreskin. (radical circumcision) There was a big tumour stuck in it after all! But, it all came off neat and tidy with a bit of a clear margin between tumour and unaffected skin. Because you get a lot of blood in that area, it heals surprisingly quickly.

After the operation, the dressing you get is a bit silly. It’s like having your own sausage roll to carry around.  It’s really difficult to wee when you’re wearing the dressing too, because it’s so numb you can’t feel anything.

I ended up with a catheter for a couple of days in the hospital which was horrendous, probably because I couldn’t feel it. More on that in a different episode though!

When I finally had the dressing taken off, there was a lot of dried blood everywhere.  I had a shower before I left the hospital and a big ring of dried blood came off, it was quite traumatic!  I didn’t really notice it had started to bleed again either. After an hour and a half journey home, my tracksuit bottoms were soaked in blood.  Eventually, it re-clotted and a couple of weeks on, it didn’t bleed at all.

Strangely, you get a lot of dry skin on the head of your penis after a circumcision, so you have to apply Vaseline every day!

10 months on, and aside from the occasional swelling – I feel like I’ve always had this penis, and I wouldn’t want my old one back now…

(It’s not like I can anyway)