Other resources.

There are loads resources online for male cancers. Many of them are built by charities and focus on the technical details.  They are all reliable, well put together and fantastic places to start. If you want the plain, unvarnished, medical facts, accept no substitute.

The NHS – The UK wide health service and a long standing, globally recognised institution. It’s entirely funded by and accountable to, the British taxpayer.  As you would expect from the world’s 5th largest employer and the giant behemoth that it is… Their website is vast!  But it’s unlikely that you won’t find what you’re looking for on there if it’s a medical question.

You can also see all the things I’ve said about the NHS by clicking on the tag at the bottom of the page. I have plenty of stories! (they’re not all bad)

Macmillan – huge and brilliant UK cancer charity. Very famous for coffee mornings and providing nurses to help people living with cancer. Macmillan have an increasingly large presence in UK hospitals too. They often sponsor hospital cancer departments and have liaison staff there too.  They even sponsor the Royal Marsden helpline. (which I used plenty of times) Macmillan work all over the UK and do incredible work easing the pain for patients and the strain for families.

Cancer Research – The largest independent cancer charity in the world and provides enormous funding for research, around £500m every year. Their site is packed with facts, and as you would expect, science led.  It’s a great place to look for the technical stuff.  If you want it even more technical, go to the Institute of cancer research

Orchid – A smaller charity dedicated to furthering the cause of male cancers through research and heightening awareness, they have some brilliant, easy to understand info on their site and some incredible trustees on their board too