Penile cancer will, (as the name suggests) start with a lump on the penis. Usually, the lump is on the head or glans of the penis but it can be anywhere. If it spreads, (or metastasises) the next place it goes is the groin.

Tumours, or more specifically the ones on the head of your penis are itchy.

When they’re encapsulated in your foreskin, they are incredibly itchy and if you catch them on anything or squeeze them, the pain is really sharp too! 

The lump on the head of my penis grew to be about as thick as an earthworm or the barrel of a key. It was maybe two inches long.  I’m not showing off, but it was pretty impressive.

The tumour in the right side of my groin had grown really quickly, and it was deep too.  I started to feel it when it was about the size of a marble. It was hard and you were aware of it, but had to dig around to find it. Initially, it would move around when you laid on your side.

Over the space of a few weeks, it grew to around 3 and a half inches across.  By the time my surgery came around, it was ready to break the skin.

There was no pain in my groin though, just a dull ache