Cancer free? Maybe.

31st March 2020, Phonecall

The news I’ve been waiting for

​The prof called, the pelvic node test results are in and they’re negative.  So I’m officially cancer free! Or am I? It’s probably safer to say there’s no evidence of any disease. Maybe in a few years I’ll be happy saying I’m cured.

For those of you that will miss my stories, don’t despair!  To help make sure everything stays as it should, I’m off to the Royal Marsden next.

I’m going to have a few weeks of radiotherapy all over my fun zone. I have no doubt there will be plenty of action worthy of note there too.

The last few months have been a crazy adventure.  I’ll have a few scars to show for it, but I had a few of those anyway!

Despite my irritatingly positive outlook, and laid-back attitude to major surgery, It’s been really tough for everyone close to me.  Perhaps much tougher on them than me really!

I’m so lucky to have a tower of strength like Jo by my side every day. Someone to protect what matters, keep things normal for the kids, and the show on the road, come what may.  Family really is everything.

(Even if she threw the contents of the sink at me yesterday, and said I wasn’t funny)

So how many people have been involved in the last 4 months dealing with this

The main man

Well of course, the amazing Professor Nick Watkin ran the show from start to finish. He’s an absolute genius with his two golden telescopes, and his team absolutely adore him. I owe this man my life, without question.

The consultants

James Adshead, the guy that spotted my penile cancer and referred me to the professor. Also one of the very best urologists in the country.

Ben Ayres, he runs urology at St. George’s

Michael Gonsalves, man of Cheshunt and master of all things relating to interventionist radiology

Sally Renwick, Herts girl and vicars daughter that gave me so much morphine, I couldn’t piss for two days. Legend. I’m not saying I have favourite anaesthetists though…

Agnieszka Crerar-Gilbert, a St Georges academic and Anaesthetist. No nonsense.

Professor Rhodes – St George’s, decided to get involved in the last op before corona lockdown, and what a guy!  Spoke to me for half an hour then got his PPE on and knocked me out.  I’ve never felt so safe

Chris Anderson, robot man.

The team

Nick’s Penile Cancer Supra Network team of dedicated experts that meet every Tuesday to discuss my case.

The registrars learning their craft.  Delia is the name I’ll always remember because she was always there when I woke up. There would have been another 20 I’ll (hopefully) never see again, such professionals with a bright future ahead.

Anaesthetists and theatre people, 4 nurses each shift at St Anthony’s and St. George’s.  The remarkable people working in recovery wards, and the high dependency ward nurses. Nuclear medicine types, MRI people, phlebotomists, a handful of people doing ultrasounds, the nurses in the surgical admissions lounge!

The people behind the scenes, especially the scientists working in the labs. The three medical secretaries I spoke to every week…  it’s a massive machine.

Up next

Next, I’m going to the Royal Marsden.  Professors Eeles and Khoo will be running the show, no doubt they’ll have a cast of thousands too!

Some of you will probably wonder what it costs to get all this done in 4 months on private healthcare?

Aside from monthly subscriptions on health insurance… I’m £680 out of pocket, and that’s only because I selected the best people in their fields.

Healthcare has never been such excellent value!