Author: JL

Oh not this again…

24th November 2020, The Lister Hospital, Hertfordshire, England That was a rough night I woke violently at 2.30am.  My legs ache so much that I can’t find a comfortable way to sleep.  All of my skin feels red hot, and the feelings of searing heat and shivering cold coursing through my body are relentless.  At […]

Safety first..

25th November 2020. The Lister Hospital, Hertfordshire, England. Day 2 I had a really good nights sleep. My blood pressure is back to normal, pulse and temperature are fine. The bright patches of cellulitis have all but subsided now and I feel good. I even managed a quick plank. This definitely feels better than the […]

Uber luxe. NHS style.

26th November 2020, The Lister Hospital, Hertfordshire, England. I had another brilliant’s night sleep. It’s probably down to hearing the tragic news that Diego Maradona had died. *That’s tragic in the sense that it’s taken so long, and didn’t happen in 1985. I missed the morning facetime with the kids, I just slept straight through […]

7 minutes.

26th November 2020, St George’s Hospital, London, England. I’m a glutton for punishment. What a day today has been.  I checked out from The Lister at lunchtime with a month’s worth of drugs, and a clean bill of health. The ward sister worked some magic behind the scenes, and I didn’t get ripped off at […]

Back to the prof.

28th November 2020, St Anthony’s Hospital, Surrey, England. After a rough week in hospital with the cellulitis returning, it was time to update the professor. I haven’t seen him since the robotic surgery in March. It was a gorgeous sunny morning as I made my way round the M25. It’s a journey I’ve made fifty […]

Lymphedema, the journal.

Swelling in the legs (and genitals) after groin surgery and cancer treatment is a big deal. Whilst I’ve had my fair share of swollen bollocks, I’ve been quite lucky with my legs. I have already written about general inflammation and swelling, but this is a bit different. I want to talk about compression, and how […]


11th December 2020. Home, Hertfordshire. The prof confirmed the good news today, I’m still in remission. Following that scan at St George’s a couple of weeks ago, the experts* have given it the once over. There are no changes from the last scan, so no signs of new or recurring cancer. So Merry Christmas to […]

I’m clinically extremely vulnerable. *apparently

12th December 2020. Home, Hertfordshire. I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to a big article for the Daily Mail this week. Actually, it’s the Mail, Metro, i and the Evening Standard. But I’m not one to show off. Being the first country in the western world to approve the vaccine for COVID-19, the government are […]

Getting back on the road

Running and I. This is my journey to being a runner again. After surgery, cancer treatment and a couple of infections that ruined my legs put me in hospital. I’ve really missed running.  Being out on the road, just you, the elements and your personal soundtrack is real freedom as far as I’m concerned. The […]

New year’s resolutions

I don’t normally make new year’s resolutions but I feel somehow that this year (after the cancer and all) is special. I’ve been given a new lease of life, and I should embrace it. Nobody knows what 2021 will bring. But, it can’t be any worse than 2020. Some of my resolutions (lets call them […]