Blood thinners.

You might know them as Enoxaparin sodium, or Clexane, Warfarin, Lovenox or Xaparin. (and a few more besides) Thinners are commonly given after you’ve had a big operation or have been bed bound for a few days. It reduces the likelihood of getting deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

You’re given a big box of tiny, single use glass syringes. Usually, you’re just told to inject them somewhere fleshy.

You’ll use them every time you have an operation, or are spending a few days in a hospital bed. You might have to get used to using these regularly! 

Here’s an insiders secret to make sure it doesn’t hurt when you inject them…

Take the cover off the needle, hold the syringe in one hand and grab a roll of belly fat in the other.  Gently tap at the skin with the needle until you find a patch where you can’t feel it at all. Then, push it straight in, not at an angle and just push down the plunger slowly.  It’ll be completely painless.

If it’s not in straight, you will know soon enough, as it will sting.