Hair, teeth and nails.

My groin is smooth and shiny.

Radiotherapy made my whole groin area completely bald. There was not a pubic hair to be found, and it kept me hair free for what seemed like an eternity!  So just how long does it take for your hair to grow back after radiotherapy

Well…  it’s not that I’ve been counting, but my pubic hair took 118 days to start growing back.  Although, with a vengeance I might add!  So, 3 months is a good target.  It might be a bit patchy to begin with too, but who cares, nobody likes pubic hair really.

When you’re recovering, lots of things happen at once. It’s clear that it’s coincided with some other things going back to normal. Ball bag swelling going down and less swelling episodes in the mornings as well as the hair – just a general sense of healing really!

I didn’t lose any head hair during the whole chemo bit. I’m definitely not the man to ask about anything on that score, and I don’t have that much anyway. One really strange thing, is that when the chemo wears off, you seem to get a big growth spurt.

You’re going to have to change your manicure bookings.

Nails don’t grow at all throughout chemo. Then, when it starts to wear off, boom! I could almost see them growing overnight, it was crazy. Just like the hair, it’s as if some kind of growth hormone just kicks in and your nails get really long.

The dentist is going to love you.

My teeth were a massive problem. Throughout my life, my teeth have been pretty trouble free, but chemo made all of my fillings fall out. To make matters much much worse, I couldn’t get a dental appointment for months because of COVID!

The upshot?  11 appointments, root canal, all my fillings put back in and a £3000 bill.  Chemo really is terrible for my teeth, but I guess it’s also better than the alternatives!