5th November 2020, Home.

When things move, they move quickly

I think it was about ten days ago, maybe two weeks since I last wrote. Back then, I knew the tide was really turning on my recovery. I could just feel it.

I still had swelling in my bollocks and my penis in the mornings, but it was getting better every day. The hard patches of lymph at the top of my thighs, which I had accepted would be permanent, had started to disappear.

The small patches of dry skin on my body, the thick cardboard bits of ball sack? Almost gone. Skin is softening up and returning to normal.

Something happened for the first time since December 2019 too. I got goosebumps.

Leg day

The nerve damage to my legs has been significant. For months, my thighs were just numb. I couldn’t really feel anything at all. Over the past three weeks, my legs have been red hot and everything has been tingly. The nerves, and maybe even the veins, seem to really be growing back.

At night, and sometimes during the day, my legs ache. They ache like I’ve had a really hard workout. They feel tight and heavy. I think this could just be down to how the lymph is now being pushed around my legs. Using routes around the backs of the legs and up through my bum rather than the front.

My pubic hair has grown back too. So that’s another little milestone.

I’ve only made one significant change to my life in the last few weeks. I’ve stopped eating sugary stuff. It turns out that sugar is just about the most inflammatory thing I can eat. I always thought it was dairy!