Things I have learnt

In these pages, I share everything I have learnt about penile cancer in the past year.

Living with cancer changes everything. The effects of surgery, treatment and the changes that your body is going to have to cope with are tough to take sometimes. You laugh, you cry and some days you’re so frustrated that you won’t know where to start!

So, I’m sharing everything that happened to me. I learnt all kinds of things that nobody else ever seems to talk about, so maybe they could help other people too.

There are so many fantastic resources available to walk you through the medical details. A great place to start is the huge NHS website, but there are lots of brilliant charity resources too. I have put together a list of my favourite sites here.

There’s no point in me just going over the medical details, and what they can’t talk about, I can! So what I’ve tried to do in these pages, is to give a more human perspective. A window on the world of living with the effects of penile cancer day to day, month after month.

General disclaimer: As with everything else I talk about in these pages, there are so many fantastic resources that can tell you all the medical details of any particular treatment or condition.. a look at my resources page is a fantastic place to start! But, these notes are all about how I felt, some of the things that happened to me and sometimes a few things which might help you, or someone you know. Remember… I’m not a doctor!