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11th December 2020. Home, Hertfordshire. The prof confirmed the good news today, I’m still in remission. Following that scan at St George’s a couple of weeks ago, the experts* have given it the once over. There are no changes from the last scan, so no signs of new or recurring cancer. So Merry Christmas to […]

I’m clinically extremely vulnerable. *apparently

12th December 2020. Home, Hertfordshire. I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to a big article for the Daily Mail this week. Actually, it’s the Mail, Metro, i and the Evening Standard. But I’m not one to show off. Being the first country in the western world to approve the vaccine for COVID-19, the government are […]

Getting back on the road

Running and I. This is my journey to being a runner again. After surgery, cancer treatment and a couple of infections that ruined my legs put me in hospital. I’ve really missed running.  Being out on the road, just you, the elements and your personal soundtrack is real freedom as far as I’m concerned. The […]

New year’s resolutions

I don’t normally make new year’s resolutions but I feel somehow that this year (after the cancer and all) is special. I’ve been given a new lease of life, and I should embrace it. Nobody knows what 2021 will bring. But, it can’t be any worse than 2020. Some of my resolutions (lets call them […]

75 hard – The first 30 days

Why am I doing a 75 hard challenge after cancer treatment? I was in hospital a couple of weeks ago. I must be crazy, right?  Haven’t I been through enough? Well, I’ve got form for crazy so I’m going to give it a go.  After a year or so of telling people about my cock, […]

Flu vaccine

I suppose you can’t be too careful! I certainly don’t feel clinically extremely vulnerable, or immunosuppressed. But cancer treatment is a bit harsh on the body, especially the chemo. But it was only a couple of weeks ago that I was in hospital with a dose of sepsis, and I was still having chemotherapy in […]

75 hard – Day 31 onwards

If you’ve landed here first, where have you been? You should probably go back and read the first 30 days and see how this all started. This is part two of my 75 hard after cancer challenge. Day 31/83 The next chapter The first 30 days of this challenge were tough. Not because of the […]

Where did that year go?

I’ve been in remission for a year. I don’t know if it’s the pandemic, or that time just stands still after a cancer diagnosis. But I can’t believe a year has gone by since my first negative scan in 2019. Being in remission, or ‘cancer free’ will never feel real to me.  Cancer does funny things […]