Pure scanxiety.

8th August 2020, St Anthony’s Hospital, Surrey, England.

More good news

Despite there being no evidence of disease now, or in remission as it’s sometimes known…  I’m in “high risk surveillance”, so I get chest, abdomen and pelvis CT scans every 3 months for 3 years. Then scans twice a year for two years.

I’ve just had the latest results back from a scan a couple of weeks ago and there’s no disease! But I have a lymphocele in my pelvis somewhere from the sloppy robot.

Why does everything take so long?

I understand there’s a global pandemic on, but it takes ages to get scan results back. As far as I’m concerned, far longer than it ever should.  I think there’s a real opportunity for technology to make things better here, and specifically – AI. If there’s no new growth, the machine could just tell you.

I really appreciate the world leading team, the academics and supporters taking good care of my penis! They all probably need to see it and have an opinion, but can’t that happen later?

I like to talk about my cock as much as the next man.  But a simple text reassuring me I don’t have a new tennis ball sized tumour would really help.

I can’t be the only one that would benefit from something a little more… instant? Just so I can sleep really.