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Things I have learnt

In these pages, I share everything I have learnt about penile cancer in the past year. Living with cancer changes everything. The effects of surgery, treatment and the changes that your body is going to have to cope with are tough to take sometimes. You laugh, you cry and some days you’re so frustrated that […]

All the big questions…

So many questions. I know you have questions, it’s only natural!  So, I’ve put together a list of all the things I’d ask if I thought I might have penile cancer. Or maybe, if I’d just had a diagnosis and was worried about what might come next. Maybe you’re just interested, and that’s fine too. […]

Blood thinners.

You might know them as Enoxaparin sodium, or Clexane, Warfarin, Lovenox or Xaparin. (and a few more besides) Thinners are commonly given after you’ve had a big operation or have been bed bound for a few days. It reduces the likelihood of getting deep vein thrombosis (DVT) You’re given a big box of tiny, single […]

There will be changes.

It’s ok to sit down to wee. You may as well know now, there’s going to be some changes round here. At least, for a while anyway. You might just have to get used to being one of those guys that sits down to pee.  Practical things like having a circumcised penis is owning your […]

Adult circumcision.

Cock like a porn star I’m a good, clean(ish), anglo saxon boy from the English provinces. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and you just don’t get circumcised routinely on the NHS. So you don’t get circumcised.   (You don’t get your tonsils out either). It’s not something I’d ever really thought about. I’m […]

Redivac drain bottles.

Your juices in a bag. Ok, bottle. After groin surgery, you get a surgical drain bottle or Redivac, to lug around with you for a few weeks. This is a bit of a culture shock. I was given a pint sized bottle on a long piece of pipe. This is embedded deep inside you, and […]

Inflammation, food, diet & exercise.

Inflammation and lymphedema (or we could just call it swelling) Surgery, radiotherapy and even chemo disrupt the way that your body works. Things just get inflamed sometimes. When you have had extensive surgery on your genitals, this is more than a bit of a problem. It’s the absolute last place you ever want to be […]

Nerve damage.

Thighs like wood. I have had five operations, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. I have been admitted to hospital with Sepsis, and I’ve had plenty of scans too. That means a lot of needles for tests and thinners over the past few months. I’ve had plenty of cannulas too. Every time something is given intravenously, or for […]

Robotic surgery.

Meet the robot The procedure is called a robotic pelvic lymph node dissection, and it’s really impressive. At St George’s, they have a DaVinci robot and it’s one of 70 in NHS hospitals across the UK. When pelvic node dissections for cancer surgery are done the old fashioned way, it’s very dramatic. The surgeon cuts […]